We can do the work for you, work with you, give you 'homework,' or provide a 'do-it-yourself plan.'  Whatever works best for you is what we want!  

Following are many ways I Organize 4 You can assist you in your home:

Organizing any room, storage areas or items


          Rooms:  Kitchens offices, bedrooms, family rooms, bathrooms, craft rooms, playrooms, garages,

           workrooms, basements, attics, storage units and more.

           Storage areas:  Files, closets, cupboards, pantries, drawers, refrigerators, medicine cabinets, craft

           supplies, holiday decorations, clothes, or wherever you need more order.

          Other:  Paperwork, photos, books, CD's, DVD's, emails, keepsakes, memorabilia, recipes, jewelry, receipts,

           magazines, taxes paperwork, etc.


           For you:  You may feel stuck when paring down your possessions because of the agonizing decisions you

          have to make.  I Organize 4 You knows the right questions to ask so decision making is painless and you

          are comfortable with your choices.

         For your grown children:  If you are older and don't want your children to have to take care of all your

          things after you are gone, take care of them now!  Your life can become more relaxed and enjoyable after

          you've sorted through everything and pared down, especially if you're living in a smaller space than you are

          used to.  It can also be fun for you to review memories as you sort through photos, memorabilia and gifts

          you've received throughout your lifetime.  Have a family party and 'gift' many items to your family now, as

          well as returning all of their own things they've continued to store with you over the years!

           For your elderly loved ones:  Transitioning elders to a smaller space can be sad for those moving,

           and difficult for the entire family.  The staff of I Organize 4 You have a gift for making this an easier

           process for everyone involved.  They work with compassion and understanding when treasured

           possessions have to be pared down and dispersed.  A positive approach is emphasized, which makes it a

           more pleasant process for all.

           After a loss:  If someone has passed on, it can be heart-wrenching to go through possessions and make

           decisions.  I Organize 4 You provides support and care as you process things in your own time frame.  In

           addition, Maryanne Kelly, owner of I Organize 4 You is a Life Coach (see www.MaryanneKelly.com) and 

           can provide support in so many ways. 

           Going greener:  Some clients want to rid themselves of extra material possessions to get back to

           more important things in their life, and have a more sustainable lifestyle.  This enhances a tranquil,

           stress-free environment.  When you have less to deal with, you have more quality time to do the things

           you love.

Creating organizational systems and saving you money

            When reorganizing to a more simplified lifestyle, storage containers or an organized system

           within a space can often be of use.  If your goal is to save money while you clarify your life,

           I Organize 4 You will use what you already have to minimize purchases.  If you prefer an attractive

           and unified commercial system of storage, resources for selecting multiple organizing systems will

           be provided, and their purchase and installation overseen.

Selling and relocating

             Selling?  Let I Organize 4 You stage your home, showing it off to its best advantage and making it

           more attractive to buyers.  'Staging' refers to placing your furniture in an optimal arrangement, making

           your home look bigger and more desirable.

            Packing and moving?  I Organize 4 You will get all your possessions packed in a safe and orderly

            manner, direct the movers if you wish, and unpack everything into an organized setup.  Space planning

            with furniture will provide more beauty, and will use your new space in the most efficient way. 

            You can begin your new life in a neat, attractive and organized setting.

Maintenance plans

              Once everything is orderly and to your satisfaction, maintenance plans are available to keep it that way. 

            I Organize 4 You can visit periodically and update your space, keeping everything straightened up and in


Organizational coaching

              Using your own style of thinking and working, I Organize 4 You will develop an individualized organizing

            system for you, suitable to your personality and style.  They will show you how to transform past habits

            and confusion into competent skill, and keep your new plan implemented for life.

Do you need storage space?

             Our work at your site will create more storage space than you ever thought you had.  But if it's off-site

            storage space you need, I Organize 4 You can provide a list of local storage units and prices.  Arrangements

            can be made to get everything moved in an orderly fashion.

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