"I am really embarrassed about how my space looks.  I'm not sure if I can let anyone in to see it."

          I Organize 4 You recognizes the dignity and strength of each person we meet, and we accept you exactly as

          you are.  You are not your belongings - you are a human being deserving of respect, and besides, we've seen

          a lot.  Every client and job has complete confidentiality with us.  And frankly, the bigger the mess, the more

          delighted we are - organizing is fun for us!

"I'll have to clean the place up before you come."

         No!  Please don't!  We can help you more if we see your home the way you see it.  Nothing can surprise us,

         and believe us when we say we're not interested in judging, we're interested in transforming.  Please don't

         straighten or clean up your space before we arrive.  We can help you more if we see how your environment

         typically looks. 

What will an initial visit be like?"

          The first hour of consultation and planning with you is free of charge.  When we arrive, you can show us

           your space and tell us exactly what you'd like done, and we will outline the process to get it there.   After

           that, we'll be on the way to creating your goal!

"Can you help with hoarding?"

          If hoarding prevents a safe and functional life, I Organize 4 You will partner with the owner as he or she

          makes decisions more comfortably.  With understanding and skill, they can assist someone

          with a hoarding problem to make decisions they can live with.

"What are your fees?"

          Look at our 'Rates' page to see a complete list of our rates, packages and gift certificates available.

I Organize 4 You