I Organize 4 You is owned by Maryanne Kelly, M.A.  Maryanne has been organizing since she was a child, when she would clean and organize the family garage on her own for fun, and frequently downsize her room and possessions as much as possible.  She didn't realize at the time that she could have earned more of an allowance if she had made it sound like work!

Maryanne has a gift for helping people in many ways.  Previously a professional counselor, she operates only as a professional organizer and life coach in Arizona.  Organizing and coaching work together and complement each other, as assisting people in achieving their goals as a life coach requires organization, and organizing helps people to achieve some of those goals.  You can learn more about Maryanne's life coaching business at www.MaryanneKelly.com.

Maryanne has two Master of Arts degrees and is a licensed counselor in Michigan and Florida.  She has lived in Arizona for 11 years, where she continues organizing and helping people to reach their full potential.  Relaxed with a positive attitude, not much fazes her as she enjoys her days that are technically called 'work.'


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